How Does Mobile Grooming Work?

Mobile grooming was made for owners that do not have the time to set aside to bring in their dog to get groomed. So, at Hollywood Dog, we found a solution: Mobile Dog Grooming Vans. All you need to do is call and schedule a time and place where you want us to show up, and we’ll be there with our convenient grooming van. Each van is able to perform a full grooming session and is equipped with the necessary tools to make it a luxury and stress free experience for your furry friend. We are totally self contained, so we can come where ever and when ever you want us. Mobile grooming is also perfect for those with older pets and for those nervous dogs who might be afraid of all the cages,  barking and noises usually found in a crowded shop. With Hollywood Dog, it’s easy, quick and you don’t even have to leave your home!

Benefits of mobile grooming:

  • We come right to you, so there are no inconvenient pick-up and drop-off times
  • Pets get to remain in the comfort of their natural environment, which equals less stress
  • No exposure to other animals and possible diseases or parasites that they carry
  • One on one care and attention throughout the grooming experience
  • No cages and definitely no cage drying
  • Convenient morning, evening and weekend appointments

Our Van

Our van is a self contained mobile dog grooming facility, using it’s own water, power and equipped with everything we need to give your precious dog the best stress-free grooming experience available. Your pet enjoys a one-on-one grooming session with a professional groomer from head to tail, start to finish, so you can be sure that your pet is in the best care at all times.

Our van includes the following features:

  • Hot and cold water temperatures for bathing
  • State of the art hydrotherapy bathing system
  • Grooming table, comfortable for large and small breeds
  • Full-size hydrobath bathing system
  • Cleaned and sanitised after each grooming
  • Thermostat controlled heater


As it usually happens in a human life bringing my love to the dogs has been started in my childhood. This love of mine was expressed on my first mixed breed dachshund dog called “Gombi”.As a best friend I tried to spend as much time as possible with him. We had other pets in our house but he was the closest to me always.

As an adult I continued to be interested in animals mainly pets. I was already working for the Police Department in 1995 when had a chance to become a Police dog trainer. So I enrolled in the Police Dog school and year later received my certification. then I was able to work together with a dog.

So we were spend 8-10 hours together with my quadrupeds partner in a daily basis. Which was a nice hobby and work in the same time. 3 years later I opened my own dog training school and boarding kennel.

I was always interested on the formability of the little pets fur coat therefore I tough will learn that too. It was a different challenge because everything I learned before was possible and mandatory to use.

I moved to Ireland 2006 and used mobile parlour from 2009

Our starting point was these doggies are afraid of the groomers as they afraid of vets. Usually a short time is available to establish a trust relation between us and the little pets and their owners. This is a strong trust based relation which can be measured on the visible outcomes. The professionalism and the personality are also influencing factors. My colleagues and me have the same views. This can be seen on our work and results. We enjoy the challenges, as every dog and every occasion requires different things Which does match. (Mostly with Success :-D)